I landed in San Francisco in the very early morning of Saturday. I was tired. I lugged my luggage to the hotel. I slept for a couple hours and had the complementary breakfast. The first stop of my vacation was downtown San Francisco. I just walked around. I was born and raised in Chicago, but here in San Francisco, I felt so small all over again. It was night, so the lights sparkled all around. The view is amazing from the bridges. I visited both the Bay Bridge and the Golden Gate Bridge. The architecture of the bridges inspire me. They make me feel creative looking at them. I visited Fisherman’s Dwarf too. The seafood there is amazing, and the view of the sea is great. Unfortunately, I was not able to go to Alcatraz or ride a cable car. Maybe I can do that the next time I come here. Next stop, L.A.!


My plane ride to California is tonight. I am very excited to do see all the places in San Francisco and Los Angeles. I love plane rides because seeing from high up in the air feels magnificent. I recently heard about the FAA relaxing the rules about using electronic devices on planes, such as iPads and smartphones. They say it is okay as long as you don’t call. Before this, I would have to write my experiences in a journal. I would have to be stuck watching the movies on the plane, provided that they were showing a movie. I think this rule change can be good for travel bloggers like me who can use this extra time in the air being productive with work. Besides writing, I could be watching movies I like, read a e-book, or play a game. I think the ease on the device rule is good and I could be productive on my plane ride tonight.

Unfortunately, my trip got pushed back one week, but this gives us an opportunity to plan out the next city I visit on my California vacation. I did some research and it seems Disneyland and Universal Studios Hollywood are must go places. It would be nice to see different rides and attractions based on the movies. The thrill rides aren’t too extreme though, and the attractions there didn’t have to do much with the movies, although Universal Studios does have some props that are toured. If I wanted heart pumping, jaw dropping thrill rides, I would go to Six Flag’s Magic Mountain, home of their new Full Throttle coaster which claims to be the tallest and the most fastest looping roller coaster. Knott’s Berry Farm is another trill ride amusement park to visit, which an old west theme, but having extreme thrill rides too. And for the movies, visiting Hollywood Boulevard and Paramount Studios would be a more educating experience for the movie fanatic. I don’t know if I would consider myself one, but visiting the place would still be cool. Imagine seeing the stuff you could only see in the movies in real life. I thought that would be something to brag about when watching a rerun or DVD with your friends. I never been to these places yet, and maybe you guys have, so comment below to which places I should visit or if I left something out.

In about a week, I am going to visit the “The Golden State”, the beautiful California. I’m starting off my trip with my landing destination, San Francisco. It is a quick and busy city, but has many things to do and look at. The bridges there are amazing I’ve heard, so going to the Golden Gate Bridge and the Bay Bridge is surely on the to-do list. The Alcatraz prison has been featured in many books and films, and to go there would make me feel like I am a character in the books or movies. Of course, it was once a very scary and dreaded place to go, so to also see what the horrible past of the place was like would be very intriguing. Fisherman’s Wharf and Pier 39 seems like an automatic destination for tourists, so I guess I’ll be sure to check it out. From cable car rides to the shopping, I ask if you have been to San Francisco or live in the area, and I would like what you would recommend me to go on my trip to the bay area.

Let me introduce myself. My name is Travis Stevens. I am 29 years old. I was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. My whole family lives there in the area and I haven’t ever left the state of Illinois until I was ten years old. My first trip was going to Disney World in Florida. My family took a plane, but I have never rode a plane before. I was excited. Ever since then, I loved riding in planes. But the best part is when you arrive to your destination. It feels like a whole different world because the places around you are so very different. In high school, my class took a trip to Europe. I visited England and France. With every place, there was a deep, intriguing history and culture. It is so much fun, and I want to share my experiences and adventures with the world, starting with you. Let us travel together, but first let’s start this friendship with a little hello.